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Gifts for Every Room in the Home

By December 3, 2019Uncategorized

Happy December! It is officially the month of Christmas, which means that the holidays are quickly approaching. With the holidays, there are several people to shop for, decorations to be put around the house, and cooking and baking needs to be done. This time of the year should be stress free. DynaTrap has gifts for all areas of the home that make practical, unique gifts for loved ones!

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The Flylight Insect Trap

The flylight is a perfect gift that catches those pesky flies that get into your home. The flylight is perfect for the kitchen, living room, four seasons room, bathroom, and hallways! Flies can carry diseases and other pathogens they have on their bodies. The AtraktaGlo™ UV technology and the StickyTech™ will stop them from flying around inside your home! The flylight is also available with AC and USB outlets on the side so you don’t have to worry about losing an outlet in you home!

Indoor Ultralight Insect Trap

This small indoor insect trap is perfect for screened in porches and four seasons room in your home. The travel size trap attracts and kills mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, stink bugs, and Asian Beetles. This trap would also be useful in RVs or hard side campers as well.


Adding a DynaZap to keep inside your home can also help kill those pests that are crawling around your home. The DynaZap is fully extendable and bendable solution to the old fly swatter to get those hard-to-reach pests inside your home. The DynaZap is a nice addition to having your DynaTraps inside and outside your home.