A DynaTrap for Every US Athlete
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A DynaTrap for Every U.S.A. Athlete

By July 22, 2016Protection

Athletes wearing red, white, and blue need more than our support this year – they need protection. And DynaTrap is reaching out to do its part.

Every four years marks the beginning of the biggest sporting events on the world’s stage. This year’s events are set to take place on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a country health experts are calling the epicenter of the Zika virus epidemic. This mosquito-borne disease carries an array of health concerns, most notably microcephaly and brain damage in developing fetuses, as well as potential neurological problems in adults. That’s why DynaTrap is offering every US athlete a free DynaTrap to take with them while they compete, as well as a unit for their homes back in the States.

“The only stress our athletes should be under in August is from competing,” said Julia Wallace, Marketing Director at DynaTrap. “We just want our traps to offer American athletes and their families more peace of mind, both in Brazil and here at home.”

The Zika outbreak that began in the country’s northeast has reached Rio, where the problem has only worsened. Brazil’s Ministry of Health recently released data showing that suspected Zika cases are one of the highest of any state in Brazil.

The safety of athletes and spectators in Rio is being called into question as Zika emerges as a larger threat than originally believed. A growing number of top competitors including Rory McIlroy (golfer), Tejay van Garderen (cyclist), and John Isner (tennis) have dropped out of competition for fear of contracting the disease.

In the face of the Zika outbreak, organizers face a challenge in keeping the approximately 16,000 athletes healthy. U.S. officials have already started a massive effort to protect American competitors from Zika, but DynaTrap is offering added safeguards.

DynaTrap is offering to supply every single US competitor with one (1) DT1100 insect trap for use at home, along with one (1) DT150 ultra-light trap which they can easily take with them to Rio, all at no charge. In addition, everyone attending the international event should take precautions, including wearing long-sleeved clothing and using CDC-recommended insect repellents.

When the competition begins, we at DynaTrap want to make sure American athletes have the gold standard of mosquito traps to help protect them, free of charge.

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Dani Gerard

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  • Katy says:

    What happens if when cleaning, you accidentally forget to put the flappers back on?

    • Matthew Timmons says:

      Hello Katy!

      If you’re referring to the flaps that automatically close when you open the bottom container, the trap will still function as normal. You just might have some bugs fly out, when you open it to dump them out!