March Winds and April Showers Bring May Flowers and June Bugs
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March Winds and April Showers Bring May Flowers…and June Bugs

The entire saying goes something like this: “March winds and April showers bring May flowers and June bugs.”

Depending on where you live in the world, this saying can vary in accuracy. But for now, let’s take it how it is.

March Winds

Have you ever noticed how much windier the month of March is? If so, that makes sense. March is known for being one of the windier and most unpredictable weather months of the year. One day it’s 70 and sunny, the next day it’s 30 and snowing. Why? Well, March is a transition month. We’re heading out of the cold and into the warmth and the weather always has a hard time with the change. Cold air is sitting in the north while warm air is coming in from the south. When these winds collide, things get emotional, and March throws a windy, gusty tantrum.

April Showers

In different parts of the world, April is recorded as the rainiest of months. Specifically, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. During Spring, the jet stream moves across these two countries bringing more rain than usual. Throughout this month the land starts warming up way faster than the ocean. You then take a warming land, cold seas, and a cold atmosphere, and what you are left with are growing storm clouds.

May Flowers

Flowers need a few essentials to grow. Two of these essentials are rain and sun. Like the poem goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” The sun is out in May, and the ground is wet from the April showers. Therefore, it’s time for flowers to start blooming! Depending on where you live, you could see flowers blooming before May 1st hits your calendar. Some locations heat up faster or don’t experience the same March winds as other places. But if we’re following this nursery rhyme, then May Flowers it is!

June Bugs

The March winds have stopped, the April showers have calmed down, the May flowers are in full bloom, and now this is where the poem becomes unfortunate. The June Bugs come out. Now we could take this quite literally seeing that there is a species of beetles named June Bugs. These bugs got their names by immerging from the ground when the weather became consistently warm around June. Other names for them are “June Beetle” and “May Beetle” because some do come out during May, or the month of blooming flowers. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see this menacing beetle that ends this poem in horror. It comes out near the month of June to eat your families gardens, crops, and annoy the absolute heck out of you. In general, most bugs start immerging from their dormant state once the temperature is consistently 50 degrees. These temperatures begin in May, before rising even more in June.

What’s Next?

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