Bugs For Dinner? More Common Than You Think
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If you think eating bugs is gross, you may be a part of the cultural minority.

Eating bugs is a regular delicacy in many cultures around the world.  When it comes down to it, bugs have many nutritional values. They are filled with protein, iron, zinc, calcium, and a low, but healthy, amount of fats. They actually could serve as a great alternative to meats and other protein-filled foods that are higher in fats. They even contain higher protein than some fish. Who knew eating insects could be such a great diet plan? For those of us who watched Fear Factor, we didn’t know that the disgusting insect-eating challenges were actually giving the contestants amazing nutritional benefits. Some countries that regularly eat insects are Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Thailand, China, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and the list goes on. Surprised? So were we. This practice of eating insects even has a name, it is called Entomophagy.

What could change?

People eat insects at all stages of life: Eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. In some countries, there has been conversation of mass producing insects for food. They say that this would be a more environmentally friendly alternative than the forms of protein production we do today. Whether that is true or not is an interesting thought, but only time will tell if insect production is the key to the future. What we can do until then is research, take a leap of faith, and possibly change what’s for dinner. Go to this link to see the different nutritional benefits of insects: https://www.edibleinsects.com/insect-nutrition-information/ 

So what do you think? Would you eat bugs for dinner?

Video courtesy of Buzzfeed.com

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