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Bugs in Fall: Which Ones to Look Out For

By September 18, 2019Helpful Information

As the seasons are changing, the typical bugs we come across tend to change too. Mosquitoes are not the only concern anymore. As we enter the season of fall, here are some pests to look out for.

  • Ants:
    • Seek warmth as the temperature decreases
  • Bees & Wasps:
    • Fall is the time when bees and wasps feed and store up on food for the winter
  • Spiders:
    • Spiders might enter your home in the fall, but do not reproduce indoors
    • Species to look for: American House spider, cellar spider, domestic house spider, and cupboard spider
    • If there’s a spider in your home, simply move it outside and you’ll be good
  • Flies:
    • South- and west-facing walls may be attracting flies into your home that are looking for a warm place to be
    • Common flies to look for: cluster flies, fruit flies, and house flies
  • Prevention:
    • Clean Up Outdoors
      • These pests tend to find warmth in piles of leaves and the like.
      • Ensure they don’t enter your house by clearing the piles often.
    • Clean Around the House
      • Pests thrive off left-over food and water. Wipe down the kitchen to ensure there are no left-over crumbs
      • Keep garbage bins closed tightly
      • Pests will find warmth in dirty clothes piles like they would with a pile of leaves outside. Don’t accumulate piles of dirty laundry around the home.
    • Check for Holes and Clearings
      • Walk around the perimeter of your home to check if there are any holes or crevices the pests could use to enter your home.
      • Holes close to the gutters give pests a way to get into the walls of your home (they might stay there all season if you don’t catch them)

Now that you’re more familiar about the pests you might come across this season, DynaTrap has a few products that can help! From outdoor to indoor, DynaTrap has products to kill bugs without chemicals. Try DynaTrap to help take care of those pests during the fall season.