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Happy 4th of July!

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Today is a day that we celebrate our independence from annoying, pesky, frustrating, disease-carrying mosquitoes and flying insects! They shouldn’t get the satisfaction of ruining our days off. Here are the 4 big reasons why DynaTrap won’t let them!

  1. It intrigues them with CO2
  2. The UV light mesmerizes them
  3. The fan catches them
  4. The retaining cage doesn’t let them out!

Mosquitoes love the CO2 humans emit. The more we breathe it the more attracted they are to us. That is why it is a key component in our DynaTrap technology. The CO2 is released from organic matter by the photo-catalytic reaction of Titanium Dioxide treated surfaces…say that 10 times fast! What we’re trying to say is, we’ve done our research and we’ve backed this up with science!

Mosquitoes and other flying insects are always buzzing around light polls and other light sources. This is because many insects navigate the air with transverse orientation. This is when insects fly at a constant angle relative to a major light source, aka the moon or sun. When there is a competing light source, such as the UV light of the DynaTrap, it confuses these insects and they fly into the light. The heat of this light is also a big attractant aspect.

Once the mosquitoes and insects find their way to the trap, the fan vacuums them into the retaining cage. Its strong movement sucks them down before they even realize it.

Once they enter the retaining cage, there is no way out, and they begin to dehydrate and die.

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DynaTrap is here to add to the freedom we all deserve. The freedom from unwanted bugs. We hope you enjoy a wonderful day with families and friends! Have a great 4th of July!


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Earth Day 2018 was a day to celebrate our big, beautiful earth, and to advocate for change. Now that this day is done, the action must begin! With Spring finally here, that means gardening season is upon us. Lucky for us there are many ways we can take our gardening eco-friendly this year.

  1. Compost
    • Compost is food waste and other organic material that people recycle to add nutrients to their soil and to prevent organic waste from going into landfills.
    • Click HERE to learn more about what you can use for compost.
  2. Fertilizer
    • Fertilizer has a combination of nutrients to help your plants grow.
    • Organic fertilizer contains plant and animal-based material.
    • Non-organic fertilizer, or synthetic fertilizer, contains minerals and/or synthetic chemicals. These chemicals can have many negative effects on your plants and soil.
    • Note: Make sure you use the right kind, and amount, of fertilizer.
  3. Mulch
    • This includes compost, shredded bark, shredded leaves, wood chips, composted sawdust, and straw. (All come in organic options)
    • Mulch reduces evaporation caused by sun and wind. This helps conserve water!
    • Plus mulch just looks nice!
  4. Conserve Water
    • Use Mulch
    • Use a drip line or soaker hose. These devices help vary water efficiently because they target the roots of the plants.
    • Capture rainwater in buckets and use that to water your plants.
    • Water for your Soil Type: Clay vs. Sand
    •  Water less. Do some research on how often you should be watering your garden’s plants. You might realize that you are watering them way too often.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    • Reduce the amount of chemicals and water you use in your garden.
    • Reuse food and organic material for compost. You can also reuse any packaging, plastic bottles, or wooden containers in creative ways around your garden.
    • Recycle all packaging or plastic that you do not reuse in your garden.
  6. DynaTrap
    • Instead of using chemicals and pesticides to fend off insects that are destroying your garden, use a DynaTrap. The DynaTrap uses only CO2 and UV light to attract insects. There are no chemicals, pesticides, or odors that could hurt you, your plants, your pets, or your kids running around the yard.

“Mosquitoes Preparing For The Summer Campaign …” [Cartoon]

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“The Summer Campaign” *


As we enter prime mosquito(-trapping) season, please try to enjoy this cartoon from 1873 and know that our ancestors dealt with these pesky creatures just as we must. Luckily for us — 143 years in the future — we have DynaTrap technology! As the 4th of July and other such summer events come speeding at us as fast as the Aedes aegypti, we must be vigilant in protecting our cookouts, our pools, our picnics…

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