House Flies Carry Bacteria From Your Garbage To Your Plate
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A.K.A Filth Flies

Has your at home relaxation ever been interrupted by pesky house flies buzzing around your head? Worse, how about them flying around your food? The fact that house flies are nicknamed “filth flies” should be a concern to anyone who lives in any home or apartment alike. Flies carry over 361 bacteria on their bodies and transfer that bacteria onto foods and liquids. 65 of those bacteria can translate into disease-causing cases of food poisoning, diarrhea, eye infections, dysentery, cholera, and tuberculosis. Why are they called filth flies? Because they live and feed in filth. This includes garbage, feces, and rotting or spoiled food.

How do bacteria get transferred?

When houseflies land on our food they regurgitate saliva onto it. That salvia can stay there after we swat the flies away, leaving us with a sandwich topping we were not expecting. This salvia is used to help them digest their food since they can only digest liquid food. Like mentioned before, flies don’t care where their food comes from. They could go eat out of the garbage and then come land on our perfectly delicious food on the table immediately after. In the meantime leaving feces where they land as well. All bad things.

Where do they come from?

Naturally, they come from the outside. They are attracted to your home for a few reasons:

  • Poor sanitation
  • Rotting fruit, veggies, or any other decaying food
  • Manure on your property

They can get into a house with unsealed cracks in doors and windows and ripped screens. Their 4 to 7.5 mm long bodies can get them through the smallest of cracks. Once inside, they begin feeding, reproducing, and leaving bacteria everywhere they land.

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