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Do they? Or do the not? Dragonflies


They DO NOT get caught by the DynaTrap!

Why catch something that catches mosquitoes?? Adult dragonflies aren’t picky eaters. They eat almost any insect that flies. Their main diet includes mosquitoes and midges, but they also will enjoy beetles, bees and horse and deer flies. They’ll even feed on smaller dragonflies, moths, and butterflies. Dragonflies will eat around 15% of their body weight each day, if not more. These dragonflies might not breathe fire, but they definitely have a taste for those inferior to them-luckily for us, that includes mosquitoes.

How do they catch their prey?

One thing that helps is their incredible vision. Dragonflies eyes take up the majority of their face. With the help of their eyesight, they catch their prey in three different ways:

With their big eyes and even bigger stomachs, dragonflies are a force to be reckoned with in the world of insects.

1. Hawking-Dragonflies can eat on the go. They can attack and devour their prey while in flight. Dragonflies are the fastest insects on the planet flying up to 60mph. They can increase their speed instantly while flying up, down, backwards and forwards. Dragonflies will either make a basket-like-shape with their legs and scoop their prey up in flight. Or they will open their mouths while in flight and whatever is in their path has a very unlucky fate.

2. Sallying-Dragonflies will sit and stalk their prey. They’ll wait for insects to fly by and then use that impressive speed to capture them.

3. Gleaning-Dragonflies can also hover in place. While gleaning, they hover over vegetation and await insects to appear on leaves or stems. Once spotted, dragonflies attack!

Do they eat anything else?


Picture of a Dragonfly Nymph in the water

Adult dragonflies don’t, but immature dragonflies have a completely different diet. Dragonflies lay their eggs in water. Once hatched, they become nymphs and live in water for the first few months of their lives. There, they eat harmful aquatic organisms. This includes mosquito larvae! Larger nymphs will even eat tadpoles and small fish.

With all that being said, you’re probably thinking that Dragonflies are invincible, right? But every living thing has a predator. Birds, frogs, and animals alike love to eat dragonflies.

Do they bug humans?

They never sting and rarely bite. If they do bite it will result in a small “ouch,” and most of the time you’ll barely even feel that. Overall, they’re nothing more than an important aspect of our ecosystem. By using the DynaTrap, it gets rid of other pesticide repellent alternatives. This way dragonflies, butterflies, and other harmless insects won’t be damaged while they search for food. DynaTrap, yourself and dragonflies all have the same goal; to get rid of mosquitoes and other annoying and harmful insects. The DynaTrap traps them, dragonflies eat them and you’re annoyed with them. So between DynaTraps natural, pesticide-free, easy-to-use technology, and the natural cycle of nature, your yard can be bug-free!

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