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Do they? Or do they not? Moths.


They DO get caught by the DynaTrap!

But why? Moths seem harmless…

Unaware of these creature’s destructive capabilities, we spend the Summer and Fall months casually brushing them aside as they fly in our paths. While moths aren’t directly doing damage to our plants, the larvae produced by their eggs are.

Larva, otherwise known as caterpillars, come out of their eggs hungry. They start chomping on whatever leaves they were laid on. Once those leaves are eaten through, it’s onto the next set of leaves. The adult moth can produce 700 eggs, resulting in the exponential increase of the moth growth rate. Imagine the amount of damage that could come to your garden. That’s where DynaTrap comes in.

How does DynaTrap catch them?

Have you ever seen moths swarming a light pole? Well, DynaTrap noticed that too.

Moths are nocturnal creatures. They use the moon as a reference point to track their flight paths as the Earth rotates. They follow the light as the moon moves across the sky. Artificial light seems brighter than the moon, so the moths start circling that light, thinking it’s the moons. This leaves these larvae laying monsters very disoriented! That is why the warmth and glow of the DynaTraps UV light lures the moths in.

Look at that impressive catch!

Why be concerned with the destruction done by moths?

In certain parts of North America, Gypsy moths have been a major part of defoliation-the removal of leaves from a tree, plant, or area of land. Some trees don’t produce more leaves once defoliated. This aids in the destruction of these green spaces.

The caterpillars that eat through garden leaves don’t just ruin the look of the garden, but the overall health of it. These caterpillars are preparing to go into a cocoon to transform into moths. They are trying to get enough nutrients for their hibernation. That means not only are your garden leaves at risk, but also your plush and growing vegetables.

If you start to see holes in your gardens leaves turn them over. That is where you will find the culprits of this destruction. Those culprits plan to wrap themselves in their cocoons and become moths. Once moths, they will lay eggs and the whole cycle starts over again. Another garden ruined.

You can go to the store and get garden sprays, but guarantee they are filled with pesticides. DynaTrap is a pesticide free and environmental friendly solution.

Join DynaTrap and save your garden from these pests!

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