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Do they? Or don’t they not? Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

They DO get caught by the DynaTrap!

Ouch! Allergic or not, we all fear the Yellow Jacket. These are said to be the most aggressive of all the stinging insects. If you get close to a hive of these agitated bugs, walk away slowly and quietly. Once far enough away, do yourself a favor, turn on your heels and head in the other direction and fast.

Fast and Furious

These black and yellow machines can fly up to 20-30mph. Although humans can usually get ahead of them in time, these insects will pursue up to a mile before giving up. They’ll be close behind you at all times so running into a building could result in a fight on the inside. Also, never run into a lake or pond. Yellow Jackets are smart, they understand that you can’t stay underwater forever. They’ll wait above you and sting when you have to take a breath. Yellow Jackets aren’t like your normal stinging bees. Their stingers aren’t barbed like normal bee stingers so they can sting multiple times once they engage. Bees can only sting once. Even if you usually aren’t allergic to stinging insects, you could still be hospitalized if you get stung by yellow jackets multiple times.

What should I not do?

Swatting or smashing yellow jackets will only make matters worse. When yellow jackets are killed they emit a chemical which then attracts more yellow jackets in the area. Yellow Jackets are the ultimate team of mini warriors, coming to the aid of their fallen soldiers. The scary part about yellow jackets is that they nest in the ground. So your daily walk in the park could be interrupted by these vicious creatures. Always make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Yellow Jackets are most active during the Fall. They are attracted to sweat and sugary substances, along with garbage. That is why they love to hang around on your deck at lunchtime and on the side of your house close to garbage day.

How do I get rid of them?

Different repellent sprays don’t always do the trick to get them to leave. If you do have a nesting issue in your yard, calmly and discretely set up a DynaTrap close to the hive. That will be your best option for getting rid of these aggressors. The DynaTrap attracts bugs through its 3-way protection. This includes the warmth and glow of the UV fluorescent bulb and the CO2 emission that insects, like mosquitoes, can’t resist. This 3-way protection is why yellow jackets are attracted to the DynaTrap. When they enter the DynaTrap they get sucked down into the retaining cage from the vacuum-like fan. Once entered, there is no way to escape. Safe. Silent. Simple. Gone. This pesticide-free trap will leave your yard and garden untouched by chemicals. But it will give you an environment free of bugs and fear of yellow jacket stings.

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