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Entomologist Dr. Karen McKenzie

By October 24, 2018Uncategorized

Did you know that DynaTrap has it’s very own Bug Doctor? That’s right! We want to remain ahead of the curve with industry knowledge and design effective new products, so we brought in Dr. Karen McKenzie, a respected Entomologist!

Dr. McKenzie received her doctorate degree in Medical and Veterinary Entomology from the University of Florida in 2003. She strives to develop better repellents, as well as more effective attractants and traps.

Dr. McKenzie and her staff reside in Melbourne, FL at our Dynamic Entomology Research Center. Here they test our products and work on developing better ways to control mosquitoes and other biting arthropods.

In the video below from the National Hardware Show, Dr. McKenzie demonstrates how and why attractants, such as humans, draw mosquitoes to them.