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Flies: What You Need To Know

By September 25, 2019Helpful Information

Flies are always flying around. Whether it’s in your yard or inside your home, flies are around and can be a distraction. With all the flies that are flying around your surroundings, here are some different types of flies you should be aware of.

House Fly

As it says in their name, these flies are usually found within your home. They are attracted to all types of food, including human food, animal food, and food waste.

Fruit Fly

These flies are commonly found near your fruit found in the kitchen. They are also found hovering around fermenting residue in places like a pub, brewery, and fruit orchards.

Horse Fly

These flies are typically pests to livestock, but can also be pests towards humans. Horse fly bites can be painful to humans as well as animals.

Bluebottle Fly

This type of fly typically hands out around your garbage cans. Bluebottle flies are attracted to food scraps or dead animals. This causes them to become carriers of diseases.

Cluster Fly

These flies are typically found in the undisturbed areas of your home such as attics. Sometimes they can be found close to windows, especially this time of year when they are looking for warmth. The cluster fly requires warm places to hibernate for the winter months.

Now that you are a little more familiar with a few of the different types of flies out there, DynaTrap has products that will help minimize the flies in your home. The fly light is an indoor insect trap that helps catch those pesky flies inside your home. Look at the various FlyLight options as well as the other indoor insect traps we have available. Let us help you with those pests that enter your home!


Bluebottle Fly

Fruit Flies

House Fly

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