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Many of our traps have the same bulb based on the size of the trap’s coverage.

DT2000XL – 32050 Replacement Bulbs
Most Half Acre Traps – 41050 Replacement Bulbs
DT1700 Series43050 Replacement Bulbs
Flylight Insect Trap21050 Replacement Bulbs

For all other bulbs, click HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to find all of the Owner’s Manuals

Often times, due to the effectiveness of the trap, you’ll find that bugs might gunk up the fan on your trap. It can be as simple as disassembling (after you safely unplug the trap) and cleaning the blades and housing.

Sometimes, however, the motor in the fan can die out. If you suspect this is the case, you can either purchase a placement fan HERE, or you can contact our customer service to seek a replacement/repair.

If your trap isn’t catching anything, follow this quick guide to ensure proper setup:

1. Make sure the trap is 20′-40′ away from where spend time outdoors.
2. Change your bulb every 3-4 months to ensure the bulb still emits UV wavelengths.
3. Remove all standing water (bird baths, old tires, full gutters, etc)
4. Don’t turn it off. Leave it running 24/7 to properly deal with the mosquito breeding cycle.

Follow this infographic for the best placement advice!

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