Position your DynaTrap 3-6ft off of the ground. Plug it in 20-40ft away from your primary outdoor activity areas and away from other light sources.
Run DynaTrap continuously 24 hours a day – 7 days a week! DynaTrap’s durable, all-weather construction makes continuous operation simple – rain or shine, 24/7!


DynaTrap will begin catching mosquitoes and other biting insects immediately, significantly reducing mosquitoes in 4-6 weeks with continuous use.
UV-bulbs are an essential part of the Science of DynaTrap.
Replace UV-bulbs every 3,000 hours or 4 months. Even though the light bulbs still illuminate, they will no longer emit sufficient levels of insect-attracting UV light.


The see-thru screen on the retaining cage makes it easy to monitor what your DynaTrap is catching. Empty the dead insects into the trash when the retaining cage is nearly full.