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Invasive Species: Making Themselves Known

By November 8, 2019Uncategorized

Within the past few weeks, there have been several articles addressing the different invasive species that are making their way across the United States. These invasive species can cause property and agricultural damage, and even press new health threats to Americans. Keep reading to learn more about the five invasive species that are spreading and how you can prevent and/or eliminate these pests.

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

These pests are native to Asia but have been found in 44 states. Stink bugs release an unpleasant odor when crushed. To keep these stink bugs outside your home, patch holes in door and window screens and vacuum up any stink bugs that might find their way inside your home.

Asian Long-horned Ticks

This invasive pest came to the U.S. from Asia. This tick has been known to be a carrier of bacteria and pathogens associated with diseases such as Lyme disease, Japanese spotted fever, and SFTS ( Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome). To protect against ticks, use insect repellent, wear long clothing, and perform tick checks after spending time in wooded areas or overgrown, grassy areas.

Spotted Lanternflies

The spotted lanternflies have made their way across the east coast. These flies are a threat for agricultural industries as they feed on the sap that comes from many different trees and plants. They also lay their eggs on trees, rocks, and patio furniture. It is recommended that you contact your local Department of Agriculture to report a sighting and any migration of the invasive species.

Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA)

These ants are found throughout the western and southern states. They will attack humans who disturb or threaten their homes, biting and stinging their victims.  To protect yourself from these ants, seal all structural cracks and crevices to keep them from gaining entry.

Formosan Termites

These termites are particularly found across the southern states. These destructive pests chew through wood, wallpaper, and flooring. Formosan termites are the most destructive of their kind. Homeowners that live in the south are strongly encouraged to have inspections for termites annually to help prevent termite damage.