It's DynaTrap Season! 4 Tips to Maximize Your Trap |
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It’s DynaTrap Season! 4 Tips to Maximize Your Trap

As the warm weather starts to heat up the United States, now is the best time to bring your DynaTrap out of storage, replace your bulbs, turn it on and let it work it’s magic! Here are 4 tips to help get your trap ready for the season.

TIP #1
Time for new Bulbs. We rate our bulbs to last 3,000 hours (4 months of continual use) at maximum efficacy. Your bulbs might still light up long past this point, but they will not be generating maximum UV light. So, to make sure your DynaTrap is cranking on all cylinders, make sure to change your bulbs!

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TIP #2
Make sure your trap turns on and the fan is running. Simply make sure the fan is working and not producing excessive noise. Our customer service team is happy to help if you encounter any issues.
TIP #3
Optimal Placement. Place your trap roughly 20 ft. away from your main outdoor living area. The ideal height of the trap is 3-6 ft. off the ground. Our new Shepherd’s Hook makes setting up your trap at the perfect height a breeze!

42010-Shepherd's Hook

TIP #4
Don’t Delay! Remember, our traps take 6-8 weeks to reach their maximum effectiveness. So plug in your trap today and start enjoying a mosquito-free summer!