June Is Right Around The Corner And The Bugs Are Here
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The 1st of June is just around the corner. In some places, like DynaTrap’s home base of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Winter likes to stay way longer than welcomed. The one thing we can always bet on is that by June the weather should finally emulate Summer. Another thing we can bet on by June is that the bugs are all out. The small ones, biting ones, hungry ones, and annoying ones, they are all accounted for. DynaTrap’s job is to help take bugs out of your Summer equation. These are some of the ones we can help with!


Obviously! These annoying, disease-carrying, pests need to be taken care of. They transmit diseases such as Malaria, Zika, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever. Female mosquitoes are not only attracted to our blood but need it in order to produce eggs. They feed off of humans and animals and are becoming a growing and serious issue worldwide.


It isn’t the moths themselves, but the caterpillars, or larvae, they lay that devastates gardens. The caterpillars eat through the leaves they are born onto. Once that food source runs out they move on to the next set of leaves. After a while, they can cause major destruction.

Black Flies/Horse Flies/Deer Flies

These flies have a nasty bite! Different species have different hosts. That is why some have acquired names after what they bite (ex: horse or deer flies). Black Flies specifically tend to go after anything with blood in them. While they prefer to bite outdoors and during the day, Horse Flies and Deer Flies prefer to bite around dusk or dawn. Stay aware when outside!


Otherwise known as biting midges, these little guys are 1/8 of an inch small. They hide out in shrubs or dead leaves on the ground and often go unseen when biting you.

Sand Flies/Fleas

These insects are also so small that they go undetected until you feel their bite. They are often found along the waterfront, in seaweed washed up on shore.

Asian Lady Beetles

These are a large nuisance when they find their way into your home. When killed, they release a yellow fluid that can stain walls, fabrics and has an unpleasant smell. Most importantly, the released fluid attracts more Asian Beetles and can cause an infestation.

Japanese Beetles

The larvae are incredibly damaging because they eat grass roots, causing large brown spots in your lawn. On top of that, their predators will tear up your lawn trying to reach these small beetles. As adults they eat all types of leaves and petals, destroying gardens and vegetation.

Yellow Jackets

Wasps and yellow jackets are extremely aggressive when they feel provoked. They have a painful sting and have the ability to repeatedly attack. When you smash yellow jackets they let out a chemical that attracts other yellow jackets. That is why the DynaTrap’s catching method helps avoid that.

The DynaTrap catches other insects that are attracted to either UV light or CO2. Feel free to reach out and ask if you are having pest issues that aren’t listed! Sometimes insect repellents just don’t cut it. That is why customers change to the DynaTrap. Click HERE to learn more about our products.

NOTE: DynaTrap does not catch any beneficial insects. These include honeybees, butterflies, and dragonflies.