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Killing Mosquitoes with Mosquitoes

By December 12, 2018Uncategorized

Releasing more mosquitoes in an effort to get rid of mosquitoes seems a bit counter-intuitive, right? Not in this case! Verily Life Sciences has come up with a way to kill mosquitoes using mosquitoes. Testing of this method took place in neighborhoods throughout Fresno, California. This model works by infecting male A. aegypti mosquitoes with bacteria called Wolbachia and then releasing them. The infected male mosquitoes are later released from a van throughout the neighborhoods. The infected male then mates with female and prevents viable offspring from being made, which in turn decreases the mosquito population. More than 15 million male mosquitoes were released over six months, which resulted in a 95% decrease in the population of biting female A. aegypti this year. More tests of this method are set to take place in other places around the country throughout the next couple of years.

Hopefully, this new method will help reduce mosquito populations, especially in places around the world where mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as malaria and Zika. There is a proven solution for getting rid of those pests available to everyone now. That solution? The DynaTrap! Buy one today and see for yourself! You won’t believe the difference!

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