March Madness Insect Repellent Edition-Round 2
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March Madness! Round 2

They repel, they resist, they score!!!

Let March Madness Begin!

Round 2

DynaTrap vs. Mosquito Magnet

DynaTrap: The DynaTrap is a lower-costing trap, that can be used for both indoor and outdoor trapping. In case you needed to travel with your mosquito repellent, DynaTrap has smaller versions to meet that need. Most importantly, they are 100% chemical and pesticide-free. The DynaTrap traps and kills numerous harmful insects besides mosquitoes. This includes insects that ruin gardens, have a harmful bite, or just are simply annoying. DynaTrap is constantly innovating new and effective ways to increase their catches.

Mosquito Magnet: The Mosquito Magnet is a higher-costing trap, that can be used only outdoors. It is a large and heavier unit so once it is put into place, it’s going to stay there. Because the Mosquito Magnet does run on propane it has no limitations on where it can be placed. Unlike the DynaTrap, it does contain chemicals like Lurex and Octanol to enhance their catch. The Mosquito Magnet is dedicated to their product, to the point where they haven’t changed their model in years.

Mosquito Spray vs DEET

Mosquito Spray: Mosquito sprays have a number of effective substances in them to help repel mosquitoes. Many of these substances played in this year’s March Madness. The different types of sprays included Citronella, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, Picaridin, IR-3535, DEET, etc. You read correctly. This current matchup has worked together in the past. In the end, we all have one goal, to kill mosquitoes.

DEET: DEET is a very strong chemical used in mosquito sprays. It is used by almost 30% of Americans but yet is still feared by many. People have said that because DEET is so powerful, that once applied, it goes through your nervous system and can kill brain cells.  Studies have now shown that this is untrue. But because DEET is such a powerful chemical, it is hard to not be skeptical.

And the Teams moving on to Round 3 are…

Mosquito Spray!!!
Tune in next week for the next March Madness match-ups.

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