March Madness Insect Repellent Edition-Final Round
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March Madness! Round 3

They repel, they resist, they score!!!

Let March Madness Begin!

Round 3

These two competitors have played hard to get to this final round. Who will come out on top?

DynaTrap vs. Mosquito Sprays

DynaTrap: It’s been mentioned throughout the last two rounds, but now DynaTrap is here to really tell us about it. The way that this trap was made was to be a completely environmentally-friendly repellent. The market is filled with repellents containing pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals. When these products are sprayed in the air, they are hurting the environment, and at times, you. The DynaTrap emits no harmful chemicals into the air. It attracts harmful insects using UV light and CO2; that’s it. Once these insects come into the DynaTrap, they are sucked by a vacuum-like fan into a retaining cage where they become trapped. It keeps your surroundings pesticide-free and bug-free. When you plug a DynaTrap in, it eliminates mosquito colonies within the area. As the mosquitoes become trapped, they can’t go back to their wet homes to reproduce. Therefore, the DynaTrap can be a long-lasting solution.

Mosquito Sprays: Throughout the last two rounds, we’ve read how mosquito sprays are the most popular repellents around. This is due to its easy access and cheaper prices. But mosquito sprays contain harmful chemicals. Some experts say that if you do use these sprays, you should avoid breathing the spray in and remove it from your skin as soon as you return inside. Why? Think about it. These chemicals are used to kill and repel. Although it is for small beings, these sprays are powerful. Canada is actually in the process of banning mosquito sprays with high concentrations of DEET. These mosquito sprays are also temporary repellents, DEET being the longest lasting of its kind, lasting about 6 hours. These types of sprays are sprayed among communities, coating vegetation, and landscapes with these harmful chemicals. Mosquito spray is also a repellent only used for mosquitoes. If you want to repel other harmful insects, you’ll have to go out and buy an additional product.

Congratulations to the final two repellents! For these were the fiercest opponents of 2018’s March Madness. But in the end, there can only one winner…

And the champion of the 2018 March Madness is…


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