Mosquito Breeding Spots Around The Home
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Mosquito Breeding Spots Around Your Home

Mosquito breeding areas are more common then you’d think. Your yard could currently be covered in them. The more you get rid of these problem spots the less likely mosquitoes will be breeding in them.


Pools are a great luxury to have during the hotter months. They also are a manmade mosquito breeding pond.

Tip: When you aren’t using your pool, make sure to cover it. Also, be sure to use the proper chemicals to keep the pool clean and mosquito-free.


Tires collect water like it’s their job. Due to their shape, once the water is in, it’s difficult to get it out.

Tip: Drill holes in the bottom of the tire to allow drainage.

Bird Baths

We get it, birds need a place to cool off too!

Tip: Change the water out on a regular basis. If there are any mosquito eggs floating around, they won’t have time to reach their final adult stage.


Keep your gutters clean! Leafs and other debris create a build-up of water. This is a perfect and cozy place for mosquitoes to make a home.

Tip: Make sure to clean your gutters out so water can move through easily.

Baby Pool

Small pools are a fun and great way for kids to cool off during the hot Summer.

Tip: Once the kids are tired and playtime is over, make sure you completely drain the pool of all its water.

Trash Cans

Trash cans collect water at their base if left open. The lids also can easily catch water if flipped upside down.

Tip: Make sure your garbage cans have lids and that the lids are secured on tight.

Flower Pots

Your flowers need water, but make sure not to overdo it.

Tip: Get rid of any excess water floating at the top of the surface of the soil. Also, dump out any water collected on the plant saucers.

These are all short-term prevention tips. If you want a more long-term solution, check out the DynaTrap. This mosquito repellent uses CO2 and UV light to attract, trap, and kill mosquitoes and other pesky insects in your yard. It eliminates the mosquitoes in the area, preventing them to go back to the listed breeding spots to reproduce.