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Mosquito Control Methods: Bug Zappers

By January 2, 2019Protection

In this week’s post, we are going to talk about another popular method of mosquito control: bug zappers! Bug zappers use UV light to attract insects to the zapper, where they are then killed by the electricity from the high voltage power grids surrounding the light. While bug zappers may sound like a viable solution to those pesky mosquitoes and other insects, there are many risks and hazards associated with them.

One of the most concerning and perhaps least known facts about bug zappers is that the insides and other small parts of the insects that are zapped are sprayed around the area surrounding the zapper. Studies have shown that some zappers spread this mist 7 feet from the device. These particles can transmit many germs and even diseases to nearby food, drink, and people.

Another danger associated with bug zappers is the risk of children or animals being harmed by the trap. Young children may be intrigued by the zapper and get their fingers caught, which could result in a shock. The germ-ridden particles that are spread from the machine are also harmful to children and pets. Bug zappers are also not safe for use indoors, or during wet weather conditions. This makes them only useful for a select amount of time and only in a select few places.

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