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Mosquito Control Methods: Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands

By January 23, 2019Protection

Another trending method for keeping mosquitoes at bay are mosquito repellent wrist bands. These bands are typically made with natural plant oils such as citronella, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint, which claim to repel insects. Like the citronella candle, these bands rely solely on their scent to keep the mosquitoes away which is makes them attractive to some people. Unfortunately, some of these scents attract mosquitoes and other insects rather than repel them. There are thousands of different variations of this product that all produce similar results. Even when the bands do successfully repel mosquitoes, they only do so in environments with low risk for mosquitoes for a short period of time, and do not protect the entire body.

While mosquito repellent wristbands do have their limitations, they are a viable solution for those looking for an inexpensive, chemical-free way to limit the mosquitoes near them for a short period of time. When planning to be outdoors for longer periods of time and in higher-risk areas, more effective methods of mosquito control should be used to ward off mosquitoes that may potentially be carrying dangerous viruses such as Zika or West Nile. The good news is that the DynaTrap can provide this protection for you! The DynaTrap is the safe, silent, and simple solution to mosquito and other flying insect problems. Learn more about the DynaTrap here!

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