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Mosquito Hideouts in Your Home

As the summer comes to an end, it is important to know the threat of mosquitoes does not end with it! Mosquitoes and other insects often make themselves guests in your home to escape harsh conditions such as rain or snow. Just as there are areas outside of your home that attract mosquitoes, there are spots inside that attract them as well.


Shower and Sink Drains

Mosquitoes flock to stagnant water. Drains, especially those that are not used often, are a haven for them!

Tip: Rinse unused drains with hot water and bleach or vinegar if they become problem areas.

House Plant Water Trays

Plants that require a substantial amount of water provide mosquitoes with the moist environment they prefer.

Tip: Be sure not to over-water your plants. Not only is it harmful to the plants, but it leaves more standing water that attracts mosquitoes and other insects.

Pet Water Bowls

Fido may be sharing his water with bugs! The still water in your pet’s bowl is a prime destination for mosquitoes.

Tip: Change the water frequently and empty bowls when they are not being used.


The damp and dark conditions in basements are the perfect hideout for mosquitoes.

Tip: Use your air conditioner as much as possible to reduce the humidity inside your home.


As always, remember these are all short-term solutions to your pest problems. For a long-term solution, consider using DynaTraps and Flylights within your home. Not only are these long-term solutions, but also stylish additions to any room in the house! Click here to view our line of indoor products.