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Although mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world, they do have a few natural predators. Let’s take a closer look at some of these predators

Bats can eat 600+ mosquitoes in an hour. Pretty impressive, right?! Bats also consume beetles, wasps, and moths which are all non-beneficial insects. Smaller bats are the most effective mosquito hunters due to their small frame and agile body.

Sometimes referred to as “mosquito hawks”, dragonflies are known for their appetite for mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Midges and mosquitoes make up the majority of the adult dragonfly’s diet/

Fish do not feed on adult mosquitoes, but rather mosquito larvae that rest on the surface of the water. One fish species, in particular, the Gambusia Affinis, is known as the “mosquito fish”. Gambusia Affinis fish were given this name because a large portion of their diet is mosquitoes. An adult female can consume hundreds of mosquitoes a day.

Frogs are a natural insect and pest control provider to our ecosystem. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are not a large portion of their diet. However, tadpoles feed on the mosquito larvae that lies on the surface of the water, therefore helping to decrease the mosquito population as well!

We all know spiders love to feast on any insects that get trapped in their web, which is why they are a predator of the mosquito! When a mosquito flies into a web and gets caught, spiders have a feast!

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