Mosquito Awareness Week

Protect yourself and your family from Mosquitoes this summer with these easy steps:

Destroy Their Homes

Mosquitoes are most commonly found in standing bodies of water. The easiest way to get rid of them is to destroy their homes. Empty and replace bird baths and fountain water. If you have a pool, make sure the pool water is always circulating and treated. And if all else fails, fill the pool of water with dirt.

Embrace Non-Pesticide Solutions

Stay away from smelly bug bombs and sticky repellents. Instead, embrace non-pesticide solutions like introducing dragonflies into your yard. Dragonflies are a natural predator to disease-spreading pests like the mosquito. Be sure to check all structural barriers! Check for holes in doors and windows. For extra protection, use mosquito nets (especially for babies) and install windows and door screens.

Get Them While They’re Young

The best way to impact the mosquito population is to get them while they’re young. Pest control solutions are most effective when mosquito larvae are concentrated, immobile, and accessible. For every mosquito larvae that is killed, hundreds more are prevented from spawning on your property.

Stay Cool

Fans are one of the coolest ways to prevent mosquitoes! Pick a breezy spot to hang out because mosquitoes are unable to fly in winds above 1 mph. If you have a fan, angle it downward as mosquitoes tend to fly near to the ground during windy days.

Introduce Insect-Repelling Plants Into Your Backyard

Lemon balm, catnip, basil, lavender, peppermint, sage and rosemary, and citrosum all have strong scents and repel insects. These plants have strong scents that we find pleasant, that will mask the human smell and keep mosquitos away.

Remember the 3 Helpful D’s to Protection

When mosquito season starts up again, there are 3 simple steps you can take to prevent further bites and breeding:

  1. Drain- Mosquitoes need standing water to breed so drain all of the surrounding water around your yard and house
  2. Dress- Mosquitoes are not as attracted to light colors as they are dark colors. Wear light clothing that is covering (long sleeve, long pants also help)
  3. Defend- Try natural alternatives to chemicals and pesticides

Use Chemical-free Traps!

Try DynaTraps technology-driven indoor/outdoor insect trap that protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more for up to an acre around your property.

Unlike other bug prevention solutions, DynaTrap is uniquely chemical- and pesticide-free, affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and most importantly—effective.  It uses UV light and CO2 to mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction. Its strong yet silent fan then vacuums the insects into a retaining cage. When run 24/7 during mosquito season, DynaTrap works brilliantly to disrupt the mosquito life-cycle and keep your home and yard bug-free.

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