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Do they? Or do they not? Horse and Deer Flies

Horse and Deer Flies

They DO get caught by the DynaTrap!

OUCH! Do these flies know how to bite or what?? That’s why they need to be stopped.

Horse and deer flies are year round pests in the southern parts of the United States. In the rest of the country they are active between May-September. These bloodsucking creatures can be a serious issue for cattle, horses and humans.

These flies lay their larvae in mud that sits a long bodies of water. For people who live next to lakes, rivers, or ponds, they will be more exposed to these mighty biters. The larvae themselves are also predators. They will feed off of small animals, including other insects, small fish and more.

The bites of the adult flies can make any outdoor activity extremely unenjoyable. Like mosquitoes, only the female flies bite, while the male flies feed off of nectar. Once the female flies have found a host, they use their knife-like mouth parts to slice open the skin and feed off of their blood. These bugs are so ruthless, that sometimes even swatting at them won’t get them to fly off. They not only leave a painful and itchy bump on the skin of their victims, but sometimes will even spread disease to them.

How do they affect animals?

Horse flies are usually bigger than deer flies but the bites of both can cause a lot of damage. Large amounts of bites from these bugs can result in a reduction in milk production from dairy and beef cattle and can interfere with grazing in cattle and horses. The blood loss can be detrimental to these animals. The bite wounds won’t always heel resulting in disease which the flies can pass along. It is said that horse flies can consume one quart of blood in 10 days. WOW. That’s a lot of blood. One can imagine the panic when a swarm of horse and deer flies surround an animal. A lot of times when under attack, animals can hurt themselves by trying to escape.

Horse fly waiting for it’s next victim!

How does the DynaTrap lure them in?

Adult flies like to hang out in shady areas under bushes and trees while they wait for their hosts to show up. They are attracted to movement, shiny surfaces and warmth. Like mosquitoes, horse and deer flies are attracted to their hosts by sensing the CO2 they emit. The DynaTrap releases CO2 from organic matter by the photo-catalytic reaction of Titanium Dioxide treated surfaces and UV-Light. To simplify that, humans and animals let off CO2 and so does the DynaTrap! The DynaTrap puts on the perfect disguise for us.

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