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Best Weather for Killing Mosquitoes and Other Pests

By July 8, 2015Protection

You might be surprised to learn how many people in the Lawn and Garden Industry use the Farmer’s Almanac to predict the weather. The weather has a huge impact on the sale of rakes, sprinklers, garden furniture, etc. Just think: when was the last time you visited your local garden center or home center on a cold, rainy day?

For some of you this summer will be hot and dry. For others it will be hot and wet. How’s that for a weather forecast? Regardless of the weather, make sure your DynaTrap is plugged in and operating 24/7.

On that subject – the Farmer’s Almanac also has an Astrological Timetable based on the Moon’s sign that shows the best day for certain activities – Today and tomorrow are the best days to “destroy pests and weeds”.   Check your traps and let us know if you catch more on either of these days!

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  • Mark Stratman says:

    I manage a large private estate in coastal Belize, Central America. Our worst pests include sand flies, mosquitos, deer flies (locally called ‘doctor flies’), and wasps. Sand flies are a huge nuisance locally. I saw a Dynatrap in a hardware store when I went to town for a supply run, so I thought I would try it out. I bought the half-acre model and hung it on the lodge house veranda. The results were immediate and dramatic.

    The Dynatrap allows us to enjoy the veranda & pool in late afternoon & evening, something that was not possible before. Most important, it has nearly eliminated sandflies & mosquitoes in the house at night. Now we can keep our screened windows open at night for ventilation, saving on air conditioning resources (we are off-grid, and generate our own power by solar/ wind).

    I have since bought a larger, 1-acre Dynatrap for the lodge house veranda. We have two watchman residences on the property; one watchman family has 2 children and a baby. The other watchman has 2 children, and an expectant mom. Our location is in the path of the Zika virus, so we put a 1/2-acre unit on each watchman’s veranda. The Dynatrap absolutely eliminates mosquitos from the watchman’s houses.

    With one-mile of coastal waterfront, much mangrove wetland, and extensive open and forested land surrounding us, our location is an excellent test case for such a device. Although all our houses are well-screened, the results of installing the Dynatraps are dramatic, and instantaneous. I am recommending them to all my friends & neighbors.

    Gales Point, Belize

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