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ATRAKTA® Mosquito Lure

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Increase your catch rates! Designed for use with any mosquito trap!  Effective in attracting mosquitoes, including those which may carry diseases such as Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Chikungunya, or Dengue. Mimics naturally occurring human skin scents to which mosquitoes are attracted.

Model #: 100611

Owner’s Manual: Download

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Product Description


– Simply add to the cage of any mosquito trap!

– 1 Sachet =  0.39 ounces

Replace after 60 days

In the package: 1 ATRAKTA® Mosquito Lure


Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 8.23 × 5.9 × .25 in

8 reviews for ATRAKTA® Mosquito Lure

  1. Marilynn Homa

    The Dyna-Trap operates so efficiently and productively catching from the smallest of insects to large moths. It is a quiet operation, is easy to clean and easy to operate. One of the best investment I have ever made.

  2. Laura Soravilla

    I live in an apartment with a small backyard. Problem is a very bright outside light is on at night which causes competition with my Dynatrap. Unfortunately it’s right over my patio and I can see it attracting bugs. It makes some mosquitoes still fly to my patio. Something to consider before buying.

    • Matthew Timmons

      Hello Laura!

      That’s definitely something to consider, as you want to be able to restrict as much outside interference as possible. The Atrakta lure might help with that, as it’s a scent driven formula. Do you have a DynaTrap right now?

  3. Ray Ruybal

    This trap is amazing. First time I emptied it I was amazed. It was over half full. Live in Colorado lots of bugs. This captured everything. I dont rememberr being bit by any thing during the summer. Its worth having around,its easy to use,clean up was easy. buy it you will love it

    • Matthew Timmons

      Hey Ray! What a great review!

      Thanks so much or your purchase, and it’s awesome that you didn’t get bit! Keep us updated and share some pictures of you have some.

  4. Tom Smits

    Before buying the DynaTrap, my wife could not sit outside for more than 5 minutes without being bit buy a mosquito. Now we can sit outside for hours at a time. Everyone should but this if they have pests.

    • Matthew Timmons

      Hey Tom!

      Thanks for that AWESOME review! We’re super glad to hear that your trap is working well!

  5. Rick Melrose

    The Dynatrap worked exactly as described. We had a very full trap first time we we emptied it. The ATRAKTA packet is a bit pricey for only one, however and really needs to be changed as recommended. Just be prepared.

  6. David Keithley

    I have had the Dynatrap for over 3 years and it’s amazing, couldn’t believe the amount of bugs I dump out. It stays on 24/7, and I just changed the bulbs for the first time. I’m going to order the packet and give them a try, a little pricey, but my wife is allergic to mosquitoes. Great product and very quite. Highly recommend.

  7. Donna S.

    Dynatrap really works! We could never sit outside, especially with a rainy spring, the bugs and mosquitoes were terrible. Have had my Dynatrap running and it’s amazing , no bugs! It’s wonderful to be able to sit outdoors again. Definitely recommend.

  8. Nell Knott

    This trap is incredible. It caught so many bugs we were amazed. We are a group home for special needs and can all sit out on the porch without being bitten. Thank you. I would recommend this unit to anyone.

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