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Indoor Ultralight Insect Trap

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THE INSECT TRAP THAT WON’T WEIGH YOU DOWN This travel size trap attracts and kills mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects including biting flies, wasps, stink bugs and, and Asian beetles.

  •  Protects up to 300 sq. ft.
  •  Whisper quiet operation.
  •  No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required.
  •  Easy to set up.
  •  Model #: DT150

This insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection. First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects. Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 (the same gas we emit when we exhale) that’s irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, a powerful, yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die. A unique twist-to-close feature ensures that any insects still alive in the retaining cage will not escape when the trap is turned off. Convenient for travel, RV’s, patios and pantries, the Dynatrap Ultralight can be placed just about anywhere (use outdoors only in a covered, protected area; for example, a garage, screened-in porch or four-seasons room). Owner’s Manual: Download

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Product Description


  • 6 ft cord – 120V~ – 220V~ with 12V adapter (Type A Plug)
  • Size diameter 4.7” x 7.7”
  • Weight 1.13 lbs
  • UV Bulb rated for 20,000 hours and is not replaceable
  • 8 watts
  • In the box: Trap, cleaning brush

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 4.72 × 4.72 × 10.32 in

21 reviews for Indoor Ultralight Insect Trap

  1. M. Wright

    Doubtful it would work as advertised, but it does. We use it on small patio area, 300 sq ft, away from sitting area and hidden from back yard creek/pond that attracts lots of bugs, mosqitoes etc. I don’t want to attract mosquitoes from the pond late afternoon evening, so I have it hidden from sight but lure them once they get close to the patio. Attracts them by UV light, and CO2 generation.

  2. Mike

    Oh man this thing works!!!! Now I’m not in the jungle or swampland infested with bugs, in CA where if you hold the front door open to long enough , you might get a skeeter in your room to harass YOU and not your wife all night long!!!!!! So I was fed up and got this lamp. I would also go into the garage at night and turn on the light and always see mosquitos or moths flying around.

    I hung this lamp at the entrance to the garage door that leads to the front yard and 8ft from the front door of the house. It has been on 24-7 for the last month or so. Haven’t had a mosquito in the house and none in the garage. I figured if I hung it in a 10ft sq radius of the front door and at the entrance of the garage I might solve this issue. It has worked so far. It’s gathering plenty of bugs in the storage area of the lamp where they dry up and die a slow, hopefully painful death.

  3. Julius

    I have had this for 3 days and have had great results. I saw a lot of Mosquitos dead in the trap, so I feel I’m getting my money out of it. It did catch other bugs, but no bee’s or wasps.

  4. Emily

    I’m very pleased with this trap! We have used this in multiple areas with great results. My kids are always running in and out of the house in the summer and they aren’t really reliable at shutting the door all the way. Occasionally a mosquito will buzz in and annoy everyone. I keep this positioned in our foyer area and it captures all the little annoyances. I love that I don’t have to hunt the bugs down myself, as they are drawn to this trap. I love that it’s portable because we often have parties in our garage in the summer and this can easily be relocated there to catch bugs while our guests hang out. Really awesome and useful trap!

  5. Rebecca Horbal

    Looking forward to using product up at the cabin. I’ve been using the outdoor DynaTrap with great results so I’m confident that this indoor unit will be just as quiet and effective.

  6. Debra Golding

    We put this in our garage and love how it is getting rid of any bugs that fly into the garage

  7. Rachel

    I love how accessible this insect trap is for everyone. This works perfect indoor for a small space or a larger space. It works so well and it is SO quiet. I love the look of it, it is so small and blends in with regular home decor. I would recommend this unit for anyone. It is also a great price point.

  8. Becca

    I’m very excited about this product! We live in the country and have quite the mosquito population. By dusk you can hardly even sit outside. We hung this up and have definitely seen a difference. I love that we can enjoy our patio without swatting bugs! This is a must have!

  9. Becca

    This product is great indoors- we have flies like crazy and this is amazing! I’m so happy I don’t have to chase them around anymore!

  10. Sara J

    Such a great product! I have put this one in our garage and it has helped control the bugs so much! It has made such a difference and I’m excited to put one inside our house as well.

  11. Lyndsey Spenard

    Put inside after a BBQ with lots of people coming in and out all evening and no bugs inside the next day! It’s awesome!

  12. Bobbie Faulkner

    I put this product in my living room out of site. In just one week I checked the trap and had moth and mosquitoes coming from the front door. I love it and it really works.

  13. Melanie

    This is a quiet unit. I have been using it for about a week. I am using it in conjunction with the FlyLight. My summer indoor pests are controlled quite nicely with this DynaTrap pair!

  14. Sarah M.

    We have this by the sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio because there’s always a lot of bugs that get in from those doors being constantly opened and closed and it works great! A must have for any indoor space like a patio or garage. Very quiet and you never know it’s there!

  15. Elizabeth Oswald

    Was surprised by the tiny device but big output. I’m always eaten alive by bugs. This is my studio space piece because it is a lot of screens and somehow them dang bugs get thru! This helps!

  16. Kristin Rosenberg

    We’ve had drain flies since we moved in and have had such trouble getting rid of them. But now after using the indoor ultralight insect trap, we finally found something that works!!! I will definitely keep using this until they are all gone!

  17. Allyson Carter

    DynaTrap makes pest control safe and easy!

  18. Allyson Carter

    I was impressed with how well this particularl DynaTrap unit worked to keeping mosquitoes off my open porch. My children like to play on the porch, however the mosquitoes this year have ruined the fun. This unit is super quiet and helps keep the bugs away effectively and without dangerous chemicals!

  19. Melanie Kreher

    I had this thing running in my garage each night for a week while I was trying to Marie Kondo the entire thing. No bites or stings and the bottom trap was almost full. Definitely worth the money!

  20. Shauna

    I love how quiet these machines are, and that I can keep them inside around the kids. It just quietly hangs out inside and catches bugs you didn’t even know were there.

  21. Mallory Damron

    These machines are not only attractive looking but they work so well and they are so quiet. I love how I do t have to worry anymore going outside and getting bit but mosquitoes.

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