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FULL Acre – Sonata Series Insect Trap

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The Sonata Series DynaTraps are specially designed to match with your outdoor décor.


A Bigger Design for a Bigger catch. This DynaTrap Insect Trap attracts and kills mosquitoes and other flying insects across 1 Acre. Attract, trap and kill flying insects including mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs and more!

  • Protects up to 1 Acre.
  • Durable, all-weather construction.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required.
  • Easy to set up
  • Model #: DT2000XLP-DEC2

This insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection. First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects. Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 (the same gas we emit when we exhale) that’s irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, a powerful, yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

Light Bulb: 32050 Replacement Light Bulbs

Owner’s Manual: Download

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Product Description


  • 10 ft. cord – 120V~
  • Size diameter 13” x 20”
  • Weight 7 lbs.
  • UV Bulb rated for 3,000 hours
  • 35 watts
  • In the box: Trap, cleaning brush, and screwdriver.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 13.5 × 16 in

7 reviews for FULL Acre – Sonata Series Insect Trap

  1. Janis

    It traps BUGS all kinds of moths and other night flying bugs that are attracted to light. I have not seen any mosquitoes in the trap, everything else in there would make them hard to find. I am not under attack when I go outside!

  2. Paul S.

    We love to spend time with friends on our dock and dine on our back porch. Having lush landscaping means we have mosquitos. Not so with this wonderful trap hanging in our eave. It works wonders. The blue light attracts them and the fan dehydrates them and they fall into the cage. It has been so successful that we bought one as a gift for our neighbor. The word went out and two other neighbors also bought one . Just so you know it is not intrusive, the sound it makes is a soft hum.

  3. Benjamin

    I live on the west coast in Central Florida, in a low, wet area. (3 acres, 1/2 of this is swamp). Mosquitoes have always been a major problem. I have tried many foggers, sprays, etc and this worked the best. After plugging in it immediately started reducing the mosquito population, and the rest of the summer we could actually enjoy being outside without getting eaten alive! If it works at my house I would definitely recommend it at yours!

  4. Bruno

    We bought a house with a fenced-in acre and we are surrounded by farmland. This does a great job taking care of all the insects in our backyard.

  5. Alice C.

    We added a 1 acre trap for the front yard last spring. Ran all year with no problems. The trap caught (and dried!) many mosquitoes, and grub moths. Also caught a few wasps. Worked great and really reduced the number of mosquito bites. Living on the border of “wetlands” (read SWAMP) in Southeast Michigan we certainly have a healthy mosquito population. Highly recommended!

  6. Matt

    Easy to set up, easy to use and works very well. I didn’t count the mosquito’s but it thinned the swarms quite well – I speculated/estimated that I was getting at least 10,000 a week. The only drawback was that it caught so many moths as well. On the bright side, most of the moths survived unharmed and emptying this daily released the majority of them.

  7. Glenn Willis

    WE have lived in our house for 5 years and this was the first summer we were able to enjoy our fenced in back yard with the help of the Dynatrap. In fact I bought my wife 24 whole crabs and as she enjoyed them in our backyard, she was annoyed by 0 and I mean zero flies. Many of our quests to our cookouts have purchased one for themselves.

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