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Flylight Insect Trap w/ AC Outlets

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Stop those pesky flies!

This AWARD WINNING DynaTrap Flylight Insect trap will make short work of the flies in your home or apartment! Many flies carry diseases and other nasty pathogens on their bodies. Keep your family, food, and property safe by attracting them with the AtraktaGlo™ UV technology and the StickyTech™ will stop them from continuing to fly around! This model has two (2) AC outlets to keep you from using up valuable wall outlet space!

  • Protects up to 600 sq/ft.
  • Premium Indoor protection.
  • No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required.
  • Two (2) AC pass-through outlets
  • Model #: DT3019-1003P


Light Bulb: 21050 Replacement Light Bulb

Owner’s Manual: Download

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Product Description


Plug-In – 110V~

Size diameter 3.5” x 9.5”

– Weight .5 lbs.

AtraktaGlo™ UV Bulb rated for 3,000 hours

– 9 watts

– Two (2) AC pass-though outlets

In the package: 3 Replaceable StickyTech™ Glue Boards


Additional information

Weight .73 lbs
Dimensions 2.81 × 8.31 × 12.88 in

5 reviews for Flylight Insect Trap w/ AC Outlets

  1. JAD

    This works as advertised. We often leave a sliding door to our deck open and don’t close the sliding screen so flies get in the house and circle endlessly trying to figure how to get out. They drive our dog crazy (and us too).

    Bought one of these and plugged it in. A soft blue glow from the light attracts the flies and they land on the sticky paper and die. We have seen a marked reduction in live flies since we received this a few days ago. I checked the sticky paper (which is out of sight) and saw about a half dozen dead flies. We had our sliding door open all day today, a beautiful, warm day, and didn’t see a single fly.

    I would highly recommend this product, it is attractive and works well.

  2. Carolyn H.

    This products truly works the way it’s described! We have a pool and every year the black flies (those little ones that bite so much!) come flying into the house, looking for non-chlorinated water. Swarms…just swarms of the buggers and it’s hard to get them all with a flyswatter. Tried this and voila — DEAD flies, stuck to the sticky board. Love this product so much, I just bought another one!

  3. Kristina M.

    Got this for my parents, they have an outside one and at times flys still get into the house. Got them this, and bam! No more flies! works great and having the AC outlet on the side helps with out taking up to much space!

  4. Dolly

    I have an attached garage which leads to my kitchen. I have a dog which I let out by back door which also leads to garage. Especially at night back door light attracts all bugs which go into garage and my house. Putting this in garage by door gets almost all insects. Really does exactly what I need.

  5. Nancy

    I had a problem with gnats in the house due to a house plant. The other devices I had (traps using juice or ACV) no longer worked. After about a week, almost all of the gnats were gone – stuck to the adhesive strip. Thank you!

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