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What Causes Your Mosquito Bite to Itch?

Have you ever thought about why mosquito bites itch? When it comes to mosquito season, the worst part about getting mosquito bites is the itching sensation that comes along with it. Everyone tries different techniques to get rid of the itch, but sometimes those don’t work out as well as you wish. Keep reading to learn why mosquito bites itch!

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When you get bitten by a mosquito, your healthy body reacts by recognizing the foreign substance from the mosquito as an attack. The body goes into a defensive mode and releases histamine. The substance in your body is what’s making you itch the mosquito bite. Itching is an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. When the bite starts to itch, your blood vessels enlarge which results in the typical bump of a mosquito bite.

When you scratch a mosquito bite, the skin becomes more inflamed, which causes you to want to itch the bite more. This gets you stuck in the annoying cycle of itching and scratching more. This can also lead to you itching to the point of breaking the skin which can cause infection and more itching.

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