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How it Works

Emits UV Light

DynaTrap uses the warmth and glow
of UV light to lure in mosquitoes
and other predatory insects.

Attracts with CO2

 CO(irresistible to mosquitoes) is released from organic matter by the photo-catalytic reaction of Titanium Dioxide treated surfaces and UV-Light.


Vacuums into Cage

DynaTrap’s strong, yet silent fan
vacuums insects into
the retaining cage.

DynaTrap Features


No Pesticides, No Chemicals, Odor Free.


Powerful Whisper-Quiet Fan Vacuums Insects.

Simple Icon


Turn it on. Empty it. Repeat. It’s that easy.


Plug it in and Hang it Up

Hang your DynaTrap 3 to 6 feet off of the
ground and 20 to 40 feet away from
your outdoor living space.


Run 24/7 During Mosquito Season

DynaTraps start working immediately
to disrupt the mosquito life-cycle
with maximum impact in 6-8 weeks.

Easy to Maintain

Simply empty DynaTrap every 1-2 weeks
and replace bulbs every 4 months
or 3,000 hours.

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