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Male Mosquitoes vs. Female Mosquitoes: What’s the Difference?

It may surprise you since they are so small, but there are many differences between male and female mosquitoes! Here are just a few of those differences…


Believe it or not, female mosquitoes are actually larger than males!


Female mosquitoes have more of a needle-like proboscis, which is what they use to pierce the skin and feed on the blood of humans and animals. Male mosquitoes a have larger, feather-like proboscis which is used to help them hear and locate female matesMale mosquitoes a have ‘plumose’ antenna, think two tiny feather dusters attached to his head, which are used to help them hear and locate female mates. Female mosquitoes have less ‘feathery’ antenna that are more fine tuned to search for human and animal hosts on which to feed.


While female mosquitoes feed on our blood, male mosquitoes feed primarily on nectar from plants. Female mosquitoes will occasionally feed on nectar, but they start feeding on the blood of humans and animals after they have mated in order to obtain the protein and iron needed to reproduce.


The sole purpose of male mosquitoes is to mate with females. The sole purpose of female mosquitoes is to reproduce. As I mentioned earlier, males use their long, feathery proboscis to listen to the sound of the wings of other mosquitoes so they can find a female to mate with. Males are able to determine the difference between other males and females by the frequency of the wing beats. Female’s wings beat at a rate of about 500 times per second! Male’s wings beat at a lower frequency. The sole purpose of female mosquitoes is to reproduce.


Male mosquitoes have a very short lifespan of about 2 weeks. Females have a longer lifespan of a month or more. Some females can live up to 6 months depending on when they emerged and the weather conditions.

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