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Mosquito Control Methods: Citronella Candles

By December 26, 2018Protection

Outbreaks of Zika and other mosquito borne diseases in the United States have sent people desperately searching for effective ways to keep the mosquitoes away. While there is no lack in products available to do so, there is indeed a lack in products that actually work. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular products, citronella candles.

Many research studies have found that citronella candles do the opposite of what they claim. Instead of repelling mosquitoes, the actually attract them. In other studies, it has been noted that citronella candles are no more effective than any other candle. “One study found that people with a citronella candle burning right next to them received an average of six bites instead of 10 over an 80-minute period, but a regular candle offered about the same level of protection.” (Inverse, 2017)

Not only are citronella candles not very effective, but they can also be harmful to our furry friends. The smoke from the candles can cause pets to have breathing issues. Ingesting the citronella oil, or any part of the candle can cause a number of dangerous side effects as well.

It is clear that citronella does not hold a “candle” to the DynaTrap!

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