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Do they? Or do they not? Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles

They DO get caught by the DynaTrap!

Meet a gardener’s worst nightmare. Japanese Beetles, or Popillia Japonica, are extremely destructive. These pests will feed off of over 300 plant species. Foliage, flowers, and fruits are what they crave. And like moths larvae, they can completely destroy a garden due to their appetite. To manage these monsters, it is said to cost the gardening industry about $450 million each year.

Where did they come from and where are they now?

These beetles are a 1/2 inch long with a green and bronze coloring. See how this adult Japanese Beetle is destroying its current host.

These bugs sailed over to the U.S. from Japan in 1916. They were first detected in a nursery in New Jersey. These destructive creatures have spread to at least 30 states in the U.S. They also can be found in China, Russia, Portugal, and Canada. These damaging beetles only have a year lifespan, but that doesn’t do much to stop their destruction. Due to the fact that they lack many natural predators, there aren’t a lot of ways to help stop their spread.

What about the larvae?

In the Japanese Beetle lifecycle, the adult stage isn’t the only destructive part of its life. When the larvae, or white grubs, are hatched, they feed off of turf grasses and weaken the roots. Since larvae is a typical meal for raccoons, skunks, and birds, these animals will tear up your lawn trying to capture the white grubs. These larvae can destroy lawns, golf courses and pastures of any size. Interestingly enough, these beetles aren’t as big of a problem in their originating country of Japan. Japan has very little turf grass for the white grubs to survive, making them easily caught by natural enemies.

What can we do?

Since Japanese Beetles fly in from other areas, you can’t just remove their eggs and larvae in your area to control the situation. Guarantee, the beetles that laid the eggs are already long gone. Although some insect and mosquito sprays work, they are filled with pesticides and could damage your plants, lawns and bring harm to non-damaging and beneficial animals and insects that come through. That is why DynaTrap is the best solution. Being an all-natural, pesticide-free product, there is no damage that will come to your yard or garden when in use. The Japanese Beetles are most active during the day while taking in the sun. So it makes sense why the beetles are so attracted to the UV Bulb on the DynaTrap.

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