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Do they? Or do they not? No-See-Ums


They DO get caught by the DynaTrap!

Do you ever have small bites all over your legs and don’t understand where they came from? Do you ever feel a harsh bite and begin a frantic search for the culprit but can’t find it? Say hello to Ceratopogonidae-a family of small flies in the order of Diptera-the name derived from the Greek word for “two wings.”

“No-see-ums” is a nickname for the Biting Midge-one of the 4,000+ types of Ceratopogonidae; 600 of which occupy North America. Some species are host specific. They feed only on humans, or only on livestock. But most biting midges see all mammals as fair game.

Picture of a Biting Midge

So what are they?

Biting midges, or no-see-ums, are the smallest blood-sucking insects on earth. Only being 1/8 of an inch (1-3 mm) long, these tiny terrors can attack undetected and unharmed. Like most species of insects, the male biting midges feed off nectar and vegetation, while the females do the real damage. The females are attracted to blood and have a nasty bite.

Do they carry diseases?

In North America human’s don’t encounter no-see-ums that carry diseases. But animals do. Like deer and horse flies, no-see-ums can attack in swarms and cause animals significant harm. The most common disease that affects livestock is Blue Tongue virus. It affects a large portion of livestock in the Western United States. In more tropical areas there are some species of no-see-ums that can carry parasites and diseases to humans.

How do we control them?

No-see-ums live and breed along bodies of water. They also like to hang out in shrubs or dead leafs. Because these insects don’t wander more than 400 ft from their home, getting rid of them has a long-lasting effect. But mosquito spray isn’t enough to remove no-see-ums from your yard. Like mosquitoes, they are attracted to the CO2 we emit into the air. This is the exact reason why they are attracted to the DynaTrap. The DynaTrap is a natural, pesticide-free option for insect trapping. Its bright UV light, combined with the CO2 released from an organic matter, does an amazing job luring in insects such as no-see-ums. Once the insects come to the DynaTrap, the strong but silent fan vacuums them into the retaining cage. No-see-ums are so small you can barely see them when alive, so don’t fret when you don’t see traces of them in the retaining cage. They’re in there, and hopefully, there’s a lot of them!

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