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Tips & Tricks for a Successful Camping Trip

Hello everyone!

My name is Elise and I am the current Digital and Social Media Marketing intern here at Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC! For today’s blog post, I am going to share my tips and tricks I have learned from my camping experience.

My family has gone on an annual camping trip to Door County since I was three years old. Since we camp so often, we have developed certain habits when it comes to packing for our trip, setting up our campsite, and our meals while we are camping.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you when you’re planning your next camping trip!

1) Create a descriptive packing list.

I am the oldest of five in my family, which means when we go camping, we have to pack for a total of seven people. Where we go camping, there is no electricity, which can create more items we need for out trip. Each year, we make a descriptive packing list to ensure we bring everything we need. We divide our list into categories which include food/cooking supplies, clothing, beach, camper/tent essentials, bedding, first aid, and miscellaneous. Having a detailed check list ensures that you are thinking of everything you might possibly need while camping.

2) Plan out your meals for the trip.

When my family goes camping, we also camp with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Since we are a larger group, each family takes turns making dinner and everyone is responsible for their own lunches, breakfasts, and snacks. Dinner is always our largest meal, and it is nice to take turns preparing so no one has to cook each night. Throughout the years, we have developed staple meals we have every year. Taking turns making dinner and creating a schedule helps specify what each family needs to bring for the trip. It also allows everyone to not have to worry about each meal and pack only what they need for their meal, snacks, and other meals.

3) Utilize tarps.

During my camping experiences, there have been some trips where there has been more rainy days than sunny days. This doesn’t stop us from having fun, but that is because we always prepare for rain. Since my family is big, we are in a tent and a camper. Over both the camper and the tent, we have tarps that we rope off to trees to help cover the majority of our campsite. This helps cover where we sleep, store our bikes, and coolers to stay dry when it rains. This can be a tedious process during set up, but is worth staying dry during storms.

4) Bring extra batteries.

Since we camp in a non-electrical site, it is important that we bring extra batteries for flashlights, lanterns, fans, radio, and other items that might run on batteries. It’s always the worst when there aren’t extra batteries to replace the old ones halfway through the trip.

5) Be prepared for the weather.

Similar to bringing the tarps, look ahead to see what the weather will be like when you are camping. This will help you bring the essentials you will need to stay warm, cool, or dry. Also, look for fun things to do in the community around the campground. We have found our favorite place for breakfast, ice cream, and shops up in Door County over the years. We are still discovering new places every year too!