With Zika on the rise, what mosquito repellents should you trust? | DynaTrap Mosquito & Insect Trap
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With Zika on the rise, what mosquito repellents should you trust?

Mosquito repellents & what you should know about them

The mosquito epidemic is serious and DynaTrap isn’t the only one thinking of solutions. With the first case of Zika Virus found in Florida for 2017, mosquito repellent ideas to help rid individuals, backyards and full communities of these dangerous pests are being sought out more than ever.

What are my options?

Kokoda: A post WWII Australian brand of insect repellent

Insect Sprays

Insect Sprays are the most widely known type of commercial insect repellent in the market. The sprays are a combination of different chemicals and substances that are proven to detract mosquitoes. We all have at least 10 insect sprays sitting in our garage hibernating for winter. Although this is the most known repellent, it only keeps mosquitoes away from you for a small amount of time, it doesn’t help get rid of them on a larger scale. It also leaves you smelling of bug spray and in need of a shower! Nonetheless, it still helps keep mosquitoes away if you’re going for a hike or a walk around the park!

Fogger Machines

This form of mosquito repellent is a machine that produces a mist from insecticide solution. Usually, they are powered by propane or electricity. You take the fogger and walk it around your yard spraying the fog to rid the area of mosquitoes. The only thing to watch out for is some foggers are full of pesticides and suggest that you wear a paint mask when using it so you don’t breath in the toxins. Always make sure you know what you’re spraying in your yard!


Before electricity or labs were around to power and create the insect repellents we know today, how did people deal with mosquitoes? Vinegar and Essential Oils. Still today, people use essential oils, bananas, lemons, alcohol and various other substances to create repellents. One thing to note, natural repellents are regulated in a different way than other mosquito repellents. Therefore, there are little to no tests on the effectiveness of these methods. You could be spending money on products and substances that in the end, won’t work.

Citronella Candles/Tiki Torches

Contrary to popular belief, general fire and smoke do not deter mosquitoes. What does is the smoke that comes from burning citronella, another type of natural oil. Tiki torches and citronella candles, although look nice on your deck, only affect their immediate surroundings. If you aren’t close to their flames you could still get bit.


Although the DynaTrap, and similar traps, are more expensive than the options above, they come with wider coverage and a stronger effect against mosquitoes. The DynaTrap itself comes in many sizes for both indoor and outdoor mosquito repellent needs. By projecting CO2 to emulate humans, using a UV light to emit a warmth and glow to lure bugs in, and having a vacuum that then sucks the bugs into a cage, this makes the DynaTrap an effective and reliable option for mosquito relief. The DynaTrap is proud to be an environmentally friendly and GREEN product, using no chemicals or pesticides. Our product is Safe, Silent and Simple! Plug it in, hang it up, let it run 24/7 and you can finally enjoy your deck and yard, mosquito-free.